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PSP Mafia Rules & Conditions

The Admin or Moderator(s) have the right to ban you at anytime for breaking any one of these rules.

1. Spam is not tolerated. We consider spamming any post under 10 characters OR does not relate to the topic. You will be banned if you spam.

2. All downloads should be free of cost. Report any downloads which you must pay for. (Which means PAY actual cash money or credit or debit card.)

3. Racism and prejudice will not be accepted by staff. If you are caught insulting in such ways, you will be banned. usernames may NOT contain these as well. See rule #11 as well.

4. There will be no links to any other competing site in the Shoutbox or any post. The only exceptions are if they are an affiliate (Affiliate(s): & ) But still DO NOT post your site or content in the shoutbox. See rule #17 as well.

5. There will be no phishing tolerated here. If you are caught using a phishing link you will be permanently banned from our site. Stealing any account information is wrong. (Users, check the URL in the URL box is to the correct site i.e. is correct but they might try something like etc.)

6. There will be no insulting, putting down or flaming to any member or staff member. This will result in a 2 week ban.

7. There will be no posts of pornographic material anywhere, other than that made by members of staff in the pornography forum. No child pornography, transsexual pornography and homosexual (male on male) pornography! Your IP will be banned.

8. Refrain from giving out your password to any member on the site or outside of the site. PSP Mafia is not responsible for your account being hacked.

9. You are only allowed to have 1 account per IP address. In certain cases you are allowed more than one please ask an admin if you can.

10. Using proxies on the forums is not tolerated. Using a posting bot is NOT allowed either. IP will or can be banned.

11. All account names must be appropriate. If not, an admin is allowed to change it.

12. All images in signatures must be within the limits of 600x600 pixels. Avatars and signatures must be appropriate. (No pornography).

13. Posts must relate to the topic. Do not post the same thing twice. Do not insult the post content of any member. Quoting the entire topic pics and all and not saying anything or just thanks at the end is stupid. So your post will be edited. Done too many times your posting ability will be suspended.

14. There will be NO spamming in the Shoutbox. Spamming in the Shoutbox is defined as typing random letters or number or links with no purpose. Also DO NOT make request in the shoutbox. They will be ignored. Use the Request Section for request.

15. There will be NO spamming or flaming via PM's. Please report such actions.

16. Cursing and cussing is accepted in moderation. If this becomes a problem it will be censored.

17. Homepage post is for staff uploads. Staff is Admins, Mods, Uploaders, Assistants, and Retired Staff. UNLESS you think u have a post good enough for the homepage if so contact a member of staff.

18. You may only argue a suspension if you know it was done to the wrong person. You must also have proof to support your argument.

19. The use of Money Making links or link shortening services IS allowed. VIA,, Linkbucks, etc. etc. Sites where u have to take a survey to download are NOT allowed. Also links must NOT require the person whom wants to download the file to BUY a "Premium" account from the file host before downloading.
You are not allowed to post "Buy a premium account" from the file host you use either. Report user whom do this please.

20. Have fun.

NOTE: Also please be aware PSP Mafia is not liable for the content on this site. We do not host files on the site itself we only provide links to other sites that do.

- PSP Mafia Staff

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